Our Blueberries
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Our Blueberries

Ready Picked Blueberries

Pre-ordered only – cash or card


All our ready picked blueberries are now sold only to order (minimum order 1kg). Orders are opened on our facebook page in January as each flush of berries ripen. Please include your mobile number with your order so we can text you when it is ready.

Check our facebook page for variations

Fresh Blueberries

These are our premium berries. They are ready to be enjoyed fresh or in desserts. They are also great to freeze for a year round supply. We can supply them ready frozen too – just let us know when you order through our Facebook page.

Sometimes undersized or under/over ripe blueberries are available frozen in 1 kg bags at a reduced price. These are suitable for baking and jam making.

Access and Parking

Early in the season (before Pick Your Own starts) you are invited to drive down to our shed door to collect your order of ready picked blueberries (walking pace only – track shared with our pickers).

Once PYO starts parking is only available outside our front fence. We require 24/7 access so please park well clear of our gateway and access track.

Pick Your Own

Offered once bookings have opened on our Facebook page from late January

What We Offer and Expect

Welcome to our farm. We love sharing our beautiful property and delicious blueberries. However, to protect our plants, livelihood, valuable crop and each other, entry is conditional on agreeing to the following expectations:
  1. Follow COVID guidelines, carry a mask and maintain social distancing. Please wear your mask during entry to PYO.
  2. Maintain good hygiene, sanitise hands, avoid touching your face, no sampling of berries.
  3. Directly supervise your children and keep them beside the responsible adult.
  4. Pick only ripe blue berries; leave all others untouched to ripen for later.
  5. Observe our no drop policy to reduce berries on the ground and to deter pests.
  6. Move slowly in the rows; be gentle with our plants and pick carefully to avoid damage.
  7. Walk carefully on uneven ground and near mulch and drip lines to avoid tripping and shifting the lines.
  8. Take your rubbish home with you, we have no garbage collection at the farm.


We do not offer PYO on declared Code Red Fire Days in the Central District.

No buses.

PYO carefully

Please pick safely and gently.

Entry to PYO is only available by booking through our facebook page once bookings open late January. No walk ins. Five people maximum per booking, minimum pick per booking ~1kg (2L).



Please park well clear of our 24/7 access track and gateway.


Safe and Easy

Once invited onto our property you will be greeted by one of our happy team who will check you in and introduce you to blueberry picking.

Then, for picks over 1kg it’s time to select your bucket/s and go straight to the designated row (as a guide 1 kg of blueberries is about 2L in volume).

For those wanting just the minimum pick, it’s off to the shed to prepay, collect your ~1kg (2L) container and go to the designated row.

For the 1+kg bucket brigade, after you have gathered your bounty, take your berries to the shed to be weighed and paid for.

For the pre-paid minimum pickers, simply depart the farm once you have filled your container.

Dogs are welcome, but please keep them on leads and out of the rows.


Stock Up

Because blueberries freeze so well many of our visitors have a happy family day picking a year’s supply of blueberries for freezing, particularly for those who enjoy blueberry muffins, smoothies, pies, pancakes, jam, sauces, muesli, yoghurt and crumbles.

You can’t get any fresher than PYO. Enjoy.

Check our Facebook page for variations
Conditional entry
PYO entry only by pre-booking through our Facebook page
Cash or Card
Sorry, no BYO containers for PYO